Courses in which the members of the IT Management and Governance group are involved:

MGIT – Management of Global IT Resources, 7.5 ECTS
The trend towards globalization has determined global companies to increase their attention on the role of IT in support of their global operations and business strategies. In this context the management of global IT resources including the use of digital technologies in global companies has increased in its importance. Therefore, in this course we will look to address the important issues and challenges in managing IT resources in global companies. 

SITMAN – Strategic IT Management, 7.5 ECTS
The business environment is nowadays a very competitive one that requires the managers to rethink the role that IT and digital technologies are playing in their organizations. To face this high competition on the market the managers are thinking about using IT and digital technologies strategically in their organizations. For this purpose they will need to have knowledge about strategic uses of IT and digital technology to achieve organization’s objectives and generate business value from IT and digital investments and use them to create competitive advantage. 

KM – Knowledge Management, 7.5 ECTS
Knowledge is an organisation’s most important and valuable asset. Organisations that can stimulate creative learning and that have an innovative climate have a competitive advantage. A large part of the course is based around turning theories into practice. All participants will contribute to the course with some knowledge or experiences. Knowledge management principles will not only be taught in theory but also to some extent applied during the course. 

EDS – Entrepreneurship in the Digital Society, 7.5 ECTS
The objective of this course is to provide basic knowledge of how business ideas can be developed and executed as well as how they are being converted into business models. When you have completed the course, you will have the tools and understanding necessary to succeed in testing and evaluating a business idea and business model.

ITO – IT in Organizations (IT i organisationer), 7.5 ECTS
The overall course objective is for students to acquire basic knowledge and skills on the design and development of information systems, including theories, methods and techniques for this. In addition, the course will provide an understanding of how organizations – their goals, products and services, business processes and information management – can be changed by using different forms of IT. 

ML3FU02 – Research Frontiers in IT Management, (Ph.D. Course), 7.5 ECTS
The Research Frontiers in IT Management course is a reading course at the Ph.D. level. The aim of the course is to provide an overview of the main trends and challenges in IT Management research. 

ML3FU07 – Enterprise Governance of IT, (Ph.D. Course), 7.5 ECTS 
The Enterprise Governance of IT course is a reading course at the Ph.D. level. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the main concepts and trends in IT Governance research.